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Please spend a moment to get a free account so that you can contribute to this Wiki. To create a new account or log in: Click Log In under the logo (top right corner of your browser window).  If you have an account enter your username and password and if you don't have an account scroll down to the bottom of the login page below where it says "Create a New Account".  Here you can register for a username and password. The wiki will send you an e-mail with a URL and username and password. Enter this information in the login page, and then click Edit page (above) to get started!Additionally,  please note that at present you cannot use the wiki's html editor with Safari.

Welcome to!

The Anchorage School District IT/AV Budget Review Team agreed to use this wiki as a way of collaborating on writing budget proposals,  preparing suggestions as to proposed changes in ASD structure and practice and sharing information.

One element of a wiki that supports collaboration is the wiki's retention of a complete history of all versions of a page,  together with the persons who contributed the edits.  This means that anyone can track the history of an entry and compare revisions, as well as revert to any prior version!

The Team invites ASD administrators and Board Members to obtain a username and password and sign our guestbook. We hope that this site will serve as a resource for current and future discussion of the issues the Team tried to address during the past weeks.

Note the tree in the left hand frame under the little house icon labeled asdtech; clicking on elements will explode the topics. Some of the top level areas are also listed below:

Thanks to the folks at for making and DekiWiki available to us.

Marc Grober,  Admin

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